In June of 2018, our friend suffered a heart-attack while leaving the gym. Not knowing what we should do, we decided to laugh about it. To show our support, members of our CrossFit gym made memes, dressed up like mascots, and sent funny cards. One of the funniest things to come out of the event was an article that was created from a fake news generator which read,

“CrossFit Athlete Fakes Heart-Attack, Plays Fortnite Instead.”

The very next day we were having a discussion during our workout when I asked a ridiculously dumb question to one of the coaches at Olive Branch CrossFit. The coach replied,

“That is one of the stupidest questions I have ever been asked. You know, we should document some of the ridiculous shit that goes on at this place.” And The Daily Dumbbell was formed.

We decided that between the stories that come out of CrossFit gyms, running groups, the Lift Heavy Run Long Community®, and the guests from the LHRL® Podcast we should host a website which would provide some comic relief directed at all the different types of fitness.

Having a fondness for sites like The Onion and The Overheard Press we decided to create our own newspaper of stories from all over the fitness world with no brand or preference being immune.

Living in a society with people who are easily offended, we are not so naive as to believe we will not rustle a few feathers but we hope that the majority of folks will appreciate The Daily Dumbbell for what it is- a satirical site designed to inject humor into the communities of the sports which it targets. (We are not looking to ridicule or oppress anyone.)

Most of the articles are massively exaggerated with little to no truth them whatsoever. Any reference to an actual person, most-likely, was extremely exaggerated, glorified, or completely made-up.

If there is an article about an actual being, it will be because we have a personal relationship with that person and believe that they will find this kind of humor to be funny. The intent is never to harm or anger anyone.

Welcome to The Daily Barbell-
The most trusted source for fake news in the fitness industry.

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