Triathlete Accomplishes Hard-Fought Goal: Shaves 12 seconds off his transition time.

NEW HOPE, PA.- Larry Gibbletoe, local triathlete, is determined. When he sets out to do something he is going to do it. Nothing will stand in his way, not even family or the cries of his children.

Gibbletoe would stop at nothing when it came to accomplishing his goal. This goal was important. This goal had depth. This goal had purpose. This goal had Gibbletoe written all over it.

Juggling work, homelife, and fitness goals can be tough, especially if you care about the people around you. This was not a problem for Gibbletoe; Gibbletoe doesn’t give a shit…about anything…except Gibbletoe.

Larry Gibbletoe missed family dinners, vacations, little-league baseball games, and piano recitals because he knew that training for his goal was important.

Just last week at the Short Ironman Sprint Triathlon Abbreviated, Gibbletoe’s 16 hours per week of training paid off. He was able to shave off 17 seconds from his transition time and, as a bonus, took off 6 seconds from his swim.

Our hat is off to Larry Gibbletoe because of his hard work and perseverance he can now find a way to weave his accomplishment into every social situation and look down on those around him who do not feel as passionately about exercise.