Plus-Sized Runner Has To Be Forcibly Removed From Aid Station.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, AR- Wilson Horrell, often referred to as Beefcake, caused quite the commotion when he was unwilling to move past aid station #3 during the Sylamore 50K held in Mountain View, AR. Witnesses said that he became angry when they told him they were running out of potatoes and suggested he not eat so much candy.

The volunteers said that Wilson boasted, “Look at me, you don’t think I know what I’m doing? I do what I want. Hit me with a brownie.”

One volunteer claims that Horrell brought his own chocolate milk and even wore a monogrammed bib around his neck.  He asked if anyone has an extra chair and then motioned for a veteran volunteer to get out of his and said, “Move it, pops.”  Horrell was unhappy that there was no ranch dressing or sour cream and claimed that the aid station was “…obviously run by a bunch of amateurs.”

When  the race director suggested that Mr. Horrell continue running further down the trail he became indignant and screamed, “I paid for this bitch and cutoff is not for five more hours.”

Mr. Horrell proceeded to flip a table and hollered something about “…a six-sided ring of fire.”

We caught up with Horrell and asked his side of the story and he said, “They said there would be five buffets with different delights at each of them. I didn’t come here to run; running is stupid. I came here because they said the food was good….and it was, but the service sucks. They’re getting a crap review on Zelp- I bet they treat me with some respect next time around.”

Mr. Horrell then took my lunch and refused to answer any more questions.