Iconic CrossFitter Enraged Over Removal of Historic Monument

-Olive Branch, MS

There is a new sheriff in town at Olive Branch CrossFit as Scott Hollis has recently acquired a large share of the business. Part of the Hollis initiative is the immediate removal of the longstanding, historic “Butt-hole” placed into the walls by world-famous athlete, Bo “Bo-hole” Mitchell.

Bo-hole, who is known for his power much more than his grace, managed to stick his ass through 1″ of sheetrock while performing what appeared to be a mix-between a wall-handstand and an upside-down middle blitz, way back in 2015. Ever since this incredible feat, people have traveled hundreds of miles to get a look at Bo’s butt-hole.

The gym has been divided over the removal of the historic “Bo-hole”. Some folks believe that it is time to move forward and remove the shrine to Bo’s hole and others believe that covering up history will come at the risk of repeating the same mistakes in the future.

When interviewed, Bo told us, “This is a huge mistake. This is no different than what is going on in many areas of the country. Removing a statue of a celebrated slave owner is exactly the same thing as covering up my butt-hole. We need statues the same as we need butt-holes, they are both equally important.”

At the time of publication, the sheetrock had been repaired and the Bo-hole was no longer visible. Just as Hollis took a step back to admire his new wall, Larry Passthrough thrust himself into a handstand and placed his ass through the wall and left his cheeks hanging out in the neighbor’s establishment.

Larry’s response, “The Bo-hole. Never forget.”