Company Creates New Ways for CrossFitters To Humble Brag While Running

Revolutionary company, iBrag inc., is now offering new and innovative ways for the arrogant fitness enthusiast to insert their humble-brag into more conversations than ever before.

iBrag CEO and found, Larry Miletime, says, “Before, if you did CrossFit, you had to look for opportunities to let the people around you know how much exercise you did that week. It was difficult because you had to ask the people around you probing questions and pretend to give a shit about their response before strategically implementing a reason to tell them how much you deadlift.”

Miletime went on to say that the goal of iBrag is to eliminate the need to pretend to care about others and keep the conversation focused solely on the CrossFitter and their accomplishments. He says, “It’s a physiological game- you need to use terms like, ‘training run’, ‘just a little [insert long distance]’, ‘nice and slow [insert fast time]’, and ‘low-mileage week [insert obligatory higher than average number]’ if you want to keep the compliments coming in.”

In today’s society it has become increasingly more difficult to get people to give a shit about your Fran time or max back squat but with the tools that iBrag has to offer, there seems to be more opportunities than ever to not only fish for compliments but have them land on your hook and come flying into your facebook feed.

Be on the lookout for iBrag to hit stores this December, so the next time you run a “nice, slow, short, easy-paced 25 mile run” you will have a reason to not only mention that you ran slowly to altruistically help Suzie accomplish her goals, but you can also feel comfortable telling people how many sets of 5 power snatches you did the day before.