Man Misses Birth of Child for Training Run: “The Happiest Day of My Life”

SOUTHAVEN, MS- Well-known local runner and family man, Sean Hilsdon, had to leave his wife, April, in the middle of childbirth because of a “very important” training run.

Sean told us that “Running makes me better, it makes my wife better, and she wants to be the best. Everything I do for me, I do for her…besides, we already got some kids. Birthing kids is important but running is importanter. Plus, I Pr’d my run! It’s the greatest day of my life.”

Sean is known for his minimalist style of clothing as he shows up to most races nearly naked and sometimes only wearing a thong. When we interviewed Sean he was completely nude. He told us, “God spoke to me and told me that we were made to run free. He said that we should run in our most natural state and to run often.”

Twenty minutes later Sean admitted, “I made that shit up, I just like to be naked and run.”