LHRL® Podcast Accused of Doping Rating System.

BYHALIA, MS.- Apple has lashed out at the folks on the Lift Heavy Run Long Podcast, making claims that they have falsified their rating. iTunes, which generally only allows a 5-star max rating, seems a bit confused as to how LHRL® has managed to get an 8-star average.

A representative for itunes said, “This is the most blatant attempt at ratings doping we have encountered. It is also the worst job of photo manipulation that any of us have ever seen.”

Podcast host, Amanda Horrell aka. “Jacked and Tan” fired back at iTunes saying, “Your ratings are stupid. Y’all can suck it. I prefer one-star ratings anyway.” She then proceeded to taunt Apple further by saying that their iPhone was crap and calling Siri a “Sleezy-ass hooker.”

We have also received reports that host, Wilson Horrell, has been caught trying to manipulate the children of the members at Olive Branch CrossFit into leaving 8-star reviews. It seems as if Horrell’s choice of persuasion is either bullying or offering scoops of Jolly Rancher flavored pre-workout in exchange for iTunes passwords.

When we approached host, Von Ralls, about the rumors of deception, bullying and threats he responded, “Yeah man. That’s cool.”