NBA Loses 10’s, Maybe Dozens, of Old, White Viewers to Walkout

Bay Lake, FL.

Larry Altima, a spokesperson for the NBA, says that they have no idea how to handle the fallout that will undoubtedly come from the recent NBA walkout. Altima tells the Dumbbell,

“Currently, we have tens, maybe dozens, of old white people who are seriously threatening to continue not buying tickets or merchandise until we get control of ‘these people’. The problem is not just that the inactive fans are threatening to not watch anymore, but that some of them know how to use the share button on FB and are asking people to re-share their beliefs. A lot of them post in all-caps, which means they are serious…or can’t figure out how to unlock their keyboard.”

Altima shared with us that the NBA has been in discussions with the NFL about how to handle the potential loss of viewership. Apparently, the NFL has lost close to 200 would-be fans, worldwide, after the league and some of its athletes have taken various measures to raise awareness for differing social causes.

We asked one longtime football fan, Fred Jerry, about the his decision to boycott the NFL and he said,
“Ever since Keller Kumpernickel laid down during the Pledge of Allegiance, I said to hell with ’em. It’s not just me that quit watching, I made my wife stop watching and my nephew said he won’t watch until the playoffs.”

Nothing says sacrifice like being a privileged white man being willing to give up sports on the recliner to show their disdain for their fellow man and their struggle.