Stop Flailing Around On The Floor

“Stop.” That was the overwhelming advice of the top-level athletes when surveyed regarding the CrossFit gym members’ propensity to flail around on the floor after workouts.

Games competitor Jack Heigelman says, “If you whale on the floor more than about once a week and are not seeing significant improvement, you should see a doctor…or a therapist.”

Heigelman went on to say, “ You don’t need CrossFit; you need attention.”

If you are laying on the floor and withering in pain on a regular basis, you will eventually work yourself into an incredible athlete. Conversely, if you are an incredible athlete, it’s not necessary to be flopping around on the floor.

“If you can make it through the workout, you can make it through the recovery period with a level of self-respect.

We all want to writhe around on the floor after workouts the same way that we would like to lay down on the floor and take a nap at work but we don’t because we want to maintain our dignity.” says Heigelman