Race Director Charged With Manslaughter in Race With No Finish Line.

MCNAIRY COUNTY, TN- Collierville native, Brian Williams, is on trial for pre-meditated manslaughter in front of Mcnairy County judge, Allen Couch, for attempting to organize an ultra-marathon with no finish line.

Mr. Williams is organizing the Big Hill Pond State Park- Walking Tall 25K/50K but admits that the distances are merely arbitrary. He responded to his actions by saying, “Ultra runners would rather die than have to stop running, I am merely providing them with an ideal scenario. There is no greater experience than running until you completely give out.”

Williams went on to say, “You have to give the people what they want; these people want to run.”

We asked Williams about his long-term plan for promoting a successful event if most of the participants die while trying to finish a race with no finish line. He responded, “Are you kidding me? This race will be ten times the size next year. Once the word gets out that there is an ultra that you can’t finish, trail runners will be lined up in droves trying to prove me wrong. You got a lot to learn about these kinds of people.”

Judge Allen Couch responded to the guilty verdict by saying, “while I agree that many trail runners would be fine with Brian’s idea of a death-race, I don’t agree that it is legal.”

The judge has ordered Mr. Williams to provide a finish line along with at least five aid stations. Brian says, “I will have the aid stations ready- all five of them- at the finish line. There will be water; bring your own damn cups.”

You can join Brian Williams’ death-march by signing up for the Big Hill Pond Walking Tall 25k/50k by clicking here. Race is October 20, 2018, in Pocahontas, TN.