Race Director Posts Results The Night Before The Event

Wichita, KS- Race Director, Barbara Drogmiller, is under scrutiny for posting results for a local 5k race the night before the event.

Drogmiller, who is always under pressure to get the official scores posted as soon as possible, says, “There is just so much of a demand for people to get their official results so quickly that it was easier to just estimate their times from previous races. I mean, you would think that these people are waiting on their LSAT scores. It’s a local jogging event for godsakes.”

In other efforts to increase customer satisfaction, Drogmiller has begun setting up screen printing stations at her events and allowing participants to print their own damn shirts. She allows runners to shoot their own starting gun so they can begin when they want. She also allows runners to take their own set of cones so that they might create the course of their choosing. Drogmiller is also awarding 23 podium places for each age participating in the race, so not everyone gets a trophy, just the top 1400 or so.

Drogmiller estimates that probably about 15% of the participants will be happy about using estimated race times as official results which is more than triple the current satisfaction rate among runners.

We were unable to get a closing remark from Drogmiller as she was being chastised via telephone by an unhappy registrant who was belligerently screaming, “It’s Mary with a ‘y’, not Marie, ‘ie’. And I finished in 32 minutes not 33.  Are you trying to ruin my life?”

Drogmiller insists that middle-aged joggers almost never take themselves too seriously.