Unidentified Trail Kid Found Wandering At Local Ultra

MCNAIRY COUNTY, TN.- Local authorities are trying to identify a kid found wandering the woods during the Walking Tall 25k/50k this weekend.

There were numerous sightings of a young boy believed to be between the ages of four and seven walking by himself on the side of the trails. When local police asked where his mother and father were, he simply said, “One more loop.”

Child psychologist, Missy Stencil, says that she has no way to tell exactly how long the boy has been wandering the trail but he seemed well-adapted. A blood panel of the child revealed that his blood was composed of Tailwind, M&M’s, pickle juice, Gu’s, and cookies.

Dr. Stencil says, “His social skills seem fine. He is very polite and announces ‘On your left’ whenever he walks past someone.” She went on to say that the boy’s speech development might be limited due to his environment. She said that the only real phrases that he seemed to know were things such as:

“Keep moving.”

“You look great.”

“Almost there.”

“It’s all downhill from here.”

If the guardians of the trail child do not come to claim him, they are likely to just let him continue to roam the woods. Dr. Stencil says, “He has a much better chance of leading a life of fulfillment and joy being raised on the trail and being looked after by the trail community than he does being released into society.”