Vandervoort Seeks To Redefine CrossFit

MADISON, WI — CrossFit Games Athlete Gus Vandervoort has never met Greg Glassman, but he plans to bend his ear when Vandervoort returns to Madison next month to compete in the Masters Division of the 2018 CrossFit Games.

For more than a decade, CrossFit has been initially defined as “Constantly varied.”  Vandervoort seeks to change that.

Since his home gym, Olive Branch CrossFit, took delivery of a fleet of Assault Bikes in the fall of 2017, Vandervoort has relentlessly programmed the Assault Bike in 283 consecutive metcons. “The Assault Bike is super functional and super intense so, why not include it every single day?” Vandervoort asked rhetorically.

It is upon this premise that Vandervoort seeks Glassman’s consent to redefine CrossFit itself.  “‘Constantly varied’ is fine for boxes that don’t have Assault Bikes, but those that do can achieve a new level of fitness simply by using the stationary bikes,” said Vandervoort. “That’s why I think the future of CrossFit should simply be defined ‘Constantly Assault Bike’. Nothing else.”   

When asked for a reaction to Vandervoort’s programming philosophy, OBCF athlete Kendall Graham simply mumbled a string of unprintable expletives and turned away to fruitlessly adjust the seat on her Assault Bike hoping to make it more tolerable.

Glassman could not be reached for comment.