Alex Viada Finally Accomplishes Something

DURHAM, NC- Alex Viada is a pretty average guy.

Like many of us, Alex was educated at Duke University. He has a pretty decent back squat of about 700lbs, runs a moderately ‘ok’ mile of around 4:15, has done a fair job of traveling around the world coaching the globe’s greatest athletes, and authored an average book called The Hybrid Runner which is the Bible to many of his hybrid-style followers…but still a lot of people have never heard of it (so, really, no biggie.).

Until recently, Viada’s life has not really amounted to much even though he has put in a lot of effort and contributed a great deal to his passion.

Alex told us, “I have always felt inferior. It’s like I have this meme-shaped hole in the pit of my stomach that just can’t be filled with any amount of accomplishment or recognition. I guess I will always, basically, be a nobody.”

As luck would have it, there was an individual on the internet who was both willing and able to finally give Viada the boost that he needed to be validated as a human. This brave and anonymous troll was finally capable of providing Alex with the recognition he has craved his entire life…

Alex Viada was finally the subject of a meme.

As Alex wiped a tear from his eye, he expressed how much this meant to him and his entire family. He told us, “Sure, my mom has always been proud of me, but not ‘Meme-proud’. She has always told me that it’s nice to have a blue tick by my name on FB but it really means nothing without a meme to show for it. Mom likes to say, ‘Sure, it’s nice to get called a douchebag by people you have never met before simply because you are successful, but without a meme, you’re just another guy.”


Upon gaining his composure, Alex said, “In the words of Ellen Degeneres, ‘You are not really a celebrity until some rando tells you to eat a dick on Instagram.’ I have finally had my day.”

Congratulations, Alex. We wish you many more personal attacks on your accomplishments as well as your integrity.