Competitive Eater Announces Plan to Eat 50 Big Macs in 50 Days in 50 States; Enrages Sport Eating Community

Montgomery, AL- Competitive eater, Steve Wilk, who competes under the stage name “Cuerpo De Torta” has caused outrage in the sport eating community by announcing his plan to eat 50 Big Macs in 50 days in 50 states across the U.S.

The sport eating community has generally been a rather friendly group of people who are willing to share information regarding proper ways to binge-and-purge as well as share information on how to combat acid indigestion. However, many of these people feel that Wilk is crossing the line by attempting a feat as bold as this one.

We gathered some comments from those in the eating community,

“Yeah, fuck that guy. I hope his intestines blow out his nostrils and he has to live that way.” – Paul S.

“It’s not that we are jealous that he has the balls to attempt it, it’s that we hope he dies because we don’t.” Steve P.

“You can’t just walk into a non-professional sport and do what you want. You have to, like, hang out and stuff first…and then, I don’t know, kinda, like, get our permission, cause we made that up… just now.” Shirley L.

“What kind of parent would aim for big goals in front of their kids. What kind of example are they setting? Especially when we are over here setting the example of being a bunch of dickheads.” Jacob R.

Steve, not known for his humility, is confident that 2 all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun will not stand in his way of accomplishing his dream.

Many have speculated how many days that Steve will stay on task of his 50-50-50 challenge. Many say as few as three, while others think that he will likely go until his heart explodes.

There have been rumors that the Kobayashi camp has reached out to the Wilk team in an effort to help him accomplish his goal. Even amidst Kobayashi’s 8-World Records for eating everything from hot dogs to Twinkies, Wilk’s camp declined help from the champion. As the sport eating community voices their dissatisfaction with Wilk’s unwillingness to receive help from Kobayashi, Wilk responded with,

“Y’all didn’t like that muther fucker either when he was out trying to accomplish something. You tried to knock him down any opportunity that you had.”

The degrees of speculation vary.

“I bet he goes to Burger King by the end of the first week.” Nancy S.

“His crew already has plans of mainlining Wendy’s Frosty to help him ingest the sodium from the fries.” Larry R.

“If he uses a blender, his streak is over.” Bob W.

“He can do it, I know he can. Just kidding. He will bomb. I’m just so unhappy at home.” Sally R.

Steve’s coach, Bo Mitchell, feels confident that Steve has the fortitude to go as far as his enlarged heart and fatty liver will allow him to go.

We asked Coach Mitchell if Steve was doing this for charity. He responded with, “Nope. People don’t like folks doing things for charity. The trend now is to just say that you are doing it for yourself and ensure that there is no fucking point and absolutely no benefactor in the quest… because that makes a lot of goddamn sense.”

The sport of competitive eating has never been so appealing.