Half-Naked Planet Fitness Member On Thigh-Abductor Machine Just Wants To Be Left Alone

MARIETTA, GA- Lisa Little likes to exercise. She has the same routine that she performs every Friday afternoon around 5:30 pm at her local Planet Fitness.

Lisa usually wears the same pair of booty shorts, oversized headphones and home engineered halter-top, complete with under-boob exposed. Her routine consists of about twenty minutes of various stretches which all involve wide splits and pulsating squats. She then spends a few minutes performing different types of hip thrusters before spending the rest of her time on the thigh-abductor machine.

Ms. Little says that “I just want to be left alone. All the half-naked girls want to be left alone. I make this really clear on all twelve of my social media sites before, during and after every workout. I don’t know why these men want to talk to me. I don’t need a man; I can take care of myself.”

Lisa claims that she doesn’t get the same type of attention at her job as a waitress at the Sonic drive-in but she believes that this has more to do with the quality of people and less to do with her attire.

Lisa believes that every woman should be allowed to walk around a gym half-naked with resting bitch face occasionally licking her lips and giving smirky smiles while operating the thigh-abductor machine and not be bothered.

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