High Humidity Training Mask Developed For Athletes In Dry Climates

DENVER, CO – For several years, respiratory torture enthusiasts have lauded the benefits of training at altitude. To simulate the rigors of high altitude, restrictive breathing masks have become popular in advanced athletic circles. Until now, however, experts have ignored the upside of training in high humidity.  Humid AF Masks, LLC looks to change that with its H20RX training mask.

“I’m not sure [choking] if that was a 400-meter run or a 400-meter swim,” said an exhausted, cyanotic Denver athlete.  This is the desired response according to Director of Product Development, Brian Swanson.

According to Swanson, the H20RX mask was developed following rigorous research conducted exclusively in the Mississippi Delta. “Down here the oxygen is dense at 3 feet above sea level, but the humidity will kill you…drown you, actually.”

Further, much of the science behind the new mask was derived from enhanced interrogation techniques employed during the war on terror. “It is difficult to train while actually being waterboarded so, we’ve figured out a way increase your aerobic capacity while simulating drowning,” said Swanson, in muted, gurgled tones. “It’s really… fa… fantastic.”

The H20RX mask is on sale now in Vendor Village at the CrossFit Games, next to the paramedic station and roguefitness.com.