Marathoner Feels “Pretty Confident” Mile 9 Was Best Place To Start Argument With Girlfriend

MEMPHIS, TN- Maybe it was the dishes she left in the sink.

Perhaps it was the laundry left on the floor.

It could have been the lack of attention that she gave him at dinner the night before.

Either way, Jeff Buckman,  avid runner and fitness dude, felt really strongly that mile 9 is the best place to begin an argument with his girlfriend.

Jeff tells us, “I didn’t really think that talking with my girlfriend, Sheila, about the things that bothered me was a good idea at the time. I wanted to wait until we were both completely, physically exhausted- this way I can start the argument by getting frustrated at her slow pace and let it build from there.”

We asked Jeff why he didn’t just continue at his own pace and leave Sheila to run her own race and discuss their problems in a more traditional setting. Jeff’s response was,

“You have a lot to learn about running marathons with a hot girlfriend, tiny running shorts and huge ego.”