Mat Fraser To Miss Last Two Days of 2019 CF Games for Neil Diamond Concert

MADISON WI- Mat Fraser is in need of some excitement. Fresh off of his third straight win of The CrossFit Games, he has apparently grown tired of the ‘Ho-hum’ of being a world champion.

As the 2018 CrossFit Games have come to a close, it is already time to begin preparation for the 2019 event. A source led us to The Hampton Inn & Suites in Madison, WI. where Fraser has already reserved his hotel room for Monday through Friday of the 2019 CrossFit Games… but not for Saturday and Sunday.

We tracked down concierge Marie of The Hampton Inn who explained to us, “Mat is just looking for things to do when he gets bored. He likes Madison just fine but after five days of consistently beating the brakes off of these folks there is just not much else to do. Let’s be honest, his job is already pretty much complete by Thursday evening. He needs to get away and give the competition a chance.”

Concierge Marie went on to say, “I told Mat that he needs to stop fucking around with these little kids that are trying to stuff Jolly Ranchers in their Zima while he is a grown-ass man who drinks whiskey from the bottle. I suggested if he wants to see a real world champion- one who consistently performs at the highest level- he should go see Neil Diamond.”

Heeding the advice of concierge Marie, Fraser has already requested that CrossFit HQ have his 2019 trophy and winnings FedEx’ed to Branson, MO where he will be enjoying front row seats to watch Mr. Diamond shine.

Fraser told HQ, “Just send the trophy, the bigass check and all the free shit that Nike or whoever gives us next year to the Holiday Inn in Branson. I need to get out, have some fun, and try some new things. Just have it delivered to room 420, it will be under the name Berger.”